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About Us
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Welcome to GUOYI TANG SDN. BHD., your trusted destination for acupuncture services based in Johor, Malaysia. As an established acupuncture centre, we are dedicated to providing effective and holistic healthcare solutions through traditional Chinese medicine practices. Our team of skilled practitioners offers a range of acupuncture services aimed at promoting wellness and alleviating various health concerns.

GUOYI TANG SDN. BHD. was nominated by Dr. Ng Seng Keat from Malaysia Southern University. Dr. Ng were PhD of Orthopaedics with 15 years of clinical experiences, currently service in Regency Hospital REN TCM and Southern University. GUOYI TANG SDN. BHD. began in Johor in the year of 2014. It has currently expanded to 5 branches, with a team of medicine physicians, pharmacists, and therapists. The number of our outpatient visits has exceeded 100,000. In 2021, GUOYI TANG SDN. BHD. co-operate with BCB Group in health care to bring prosperity to the society.

Corporate Culture
We are a group of people with faith and always patient-centred and adhere to fight against disease.
Corporate Missions
  1. Lead the society to get rid of the threat of cancer, tumours, and diseases
  2. Provide high-quality medical services
  3. Reduce the burden of social medical expenses

Guoyitang Tuina Team

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